Shoes That Grow

These guys are pretty cheesy but I really like their concept of a shoe grows with the child and last 5 years. They must be doing well if they have already distributed 5000.

Noke U-Lock

The Nokē U-Lock is a fantastic idea which combines security and the smart phone. I love the simplicity of it, I really like that it can be tracked and also that it has an alarm system installed. Very impressive stuff! Watch the video below. I want one!

TASK 2 making sense of the brief

As I started task 2 of Project 2 I really wanted to make sure I understood the requirements of the brief as I could hit the ground running. I will continue to adding general posts which I find interesting and I will also document my progression throughout my task 2 report and 5 concepts.


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! This just made my day!!!! You have got to watch the video below!



What now? Mini work check

As documented in my previous posts the focus of my study has evolved substantially since I started this blog.  This has a been a great learning experience for me. This blog has given me time to push and develop my ideas into new areas. For myself as a designer my natural tendency is to get on with designing the final product straight away. The exploratory work I have undertaken via this blog has given me the the time to really get my teeth into this subject area and push myself into areas I would not have initially considered. My focus now seems set to continue exploring APPS for HUMANITY.


Over the next following days I will show my final thoughts and ideas going forward. These idea will continue to inform my 5 final ideas which will go into my Project 2 report. Here are my initial sketches mapping out my ideas.

Crankcase by Indiegogo

I think I just found the most amazing smartphone accessory to use in an humanitarian situation. Its waterproof and can be charged by winding the handle on the back.What the?....Job done! I'm glad I moved onto apps! The Crank Case ad below is quite cheesy so prepare yourself! You can contribute to the production of the product via crowdfunding, what an amazing idea: