Dr Alexander Betts from Humanitarian Innovation Project puts the process of innovation very simply: "By innovation we don't mean novelty or invention we mean taking products and processes which already exist in certain contexts and adapting them to particular field challenges, particular problems and applying them to certain contexts. Innovations is really a process, it begins by identifying a particular problem, looking for inspiration and looking for best practices elsewhere, and then piloting them in very particulars contexts until you find and solution that works and then taking it to scale."

Epiphany time! I love these guys! HIP's thinking and methodologies are very much in line with my own beliefs about Humanitarian responses. From the beginning of Project 2 I have struggled with a working title. I have always felt like the word 'Humanitarian' needed be included, but the word 'Responses' is something I have felt uneasy about. I have struggled with the word 'response' because a response is just a response it does not mean it was the right response. A government or organisation could have a response to a crisis but it may be a terrible response. In many ways the word response could be replaced with the word attempt. Anyway, after studying HIP's website and listening to Dr Betts I have decided to change my working title to 'HUMANITARIAN INNOVATION'. Innovation is a much more appropriate word. Its positive, progressive, it pushes boundaries, it lifts, improves and enhances. Love it!

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