Flash Light Communicator

This concept was created by designer Kim Minsoon, it went of to win the Red Dot Design Award in 2012.

Richard Darrell from bit rebels.com said "The idea behind this emergency flashlight is to utilize the world’s most recognizable language, Morse code. Its usage is basic and straightforward, and it could mean increased speed when it comes to being rescued. You simply click the communicate button (located at the bottom of the flashlight) and speak while pointing it in the direction where you think there are people who can help you. The people or rescue workers can then locate you, but they’ll also instantly know what you are saying and what kind of help you need, if they know Morse code that is."

I love this concept as it uses the simple tool of a torch to help people in need get help and it also tries to overcome language barriers. It would be fantastic if the torch could translate one language into another. I love the use of the torch light to get another persons attention but how many people know morse code? Not many. That said, this project is a massive inspiration to me and really encourages me to continue to pursue solutions and concepts around the hacking of current technologies for modern day emergencies.

For more info read: http://www.bitrebels.com/technology/emergency-flashlight-translator/