Global Emergency Overview App

Really interesting quick thoughts from Lars Peter Nissen about responding to Humanitarian emergencies. His thought tie in really well with my previous research and thinking of VITAL5.

The Global Emergency Overview app is updated weekly which provides a snapshot of the highest priority humanitarian events currently happening in the world. The Android app store describes the app "The primary objective of the Global Overview is to inform humanitarian decision makers by presenting a summary of major humanitarian crises, both recent and protracted. It is designed to provide answers to four questions:

1. Which humanitarian crises currently exist? (World map) 
2. What has happened in the last seven days? (Highlights and snapshot)
3. What is the situation in the country affected by a crisis? (Narrative)
4. Which countries could be prioritised in terms of humanitarian response? (Prioritisation)".

The extremely user friendly and intuitive app is used by many aid agencies and volunteers throughout the world.