Apps for Communities

Really great foundation which encourages developers to create software systems which help in the community. You can volunteer to test the apps or put forward a concept to receive funding. Really great group with some interesting projects on the go.

Humanitarian Innovation Fund has FibreForm potential!

Humanitarian Innovation Fund is a major player in the world of providing innovation funding and expertise. HIF's website says "Supports organisations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative and scalable solutions to the challenges facing effective humanitarian assistance." They work on projects all over the world, these are some of their current projects:

I found a project called: THE 'ORIGAMI' INCLINED PLATE SETTLER which would work perfectly with FibreForm. Essentially its a concertina paper folding water filter system. Low cost, very light weight, takes up very little space and exceptionally easy to transport. Nice!

Description from the HIP's website:

Summary: A fit-for-purpose humanitarian emergency water treatment system based on the principles of inclined plate settling.

Challenge(s) addressed: This innovation addresses the inadequacies of current water treatment technologies, which are frequently not aligned with humanitarian objectives; resulting in unnecessarily expensive and sometimes ineffective relief.

Innovation Factor: Plate settling principles allow for relatively higher loading rates and consequentially a higher treated water production yield within a smaller footprint. By making the unit collapsible, setup times and transportation costs can also be reduced.

Added Value: Ultimately, larger volumes of water can be produced within SPHERE Standard water quality levels using a relatively low-cost and simple treatment process.

Solar Cookers

Solar cooker are extremely useful in warm regions of the world, they are extremely cheap to make and very efficient.

A Similar project was launched in the Philippines last December allowing communities to cook using the rays of the sun. Amazing!

The Aquaduct

Not sure how easy this device would fair over tough terrain, also the water carrying tank seems pretty small on the front and theres lots of parts to go wrong overall. BUT that said I really love that the bike's clutch can allow the bike to be stood stationary and you can still peddle and filter water. The bike could be used by a community, children to also contribute to filter water. Another aspect of this is concept which I really like is that it combines recreation / fun with something which could save lives. Could an everyday item such as a playground roundabout be used to filter water or generate power but still allow children to use it for fun.

The Q-Drum

Very similar to the hippo roller but simplifies the concept even further. The Q-Drum is one part with very little to go wrong. Love it!

Hippo Roller

What a fantastic idea. Its simple, easy to use, good exercise and allows and individual with minimal effort to push large volumes of clean, safe water over a vast distance.