TapTap App

Tap Tap helps deaf and hearing impaired people respond to their audio environment. Shout, honk, crash and TapTap will let you know you are being called. Adjust sensitivity for noisier environments. Adjusts with increased background noise levels.

TETHR - App Creation Software

Coming up with a great idea is half the battle of this project. Designing an effective and easy to use interface will be extremely important. TETHR by invisionapp.com is a very powerful smart phone app creating tool. This site uses a very simple drag and drop interface which allows the user to plan, map out and create a intuitive, beautifully designed app.

Wireframes ready to design our app.

Easy to use drag and drop interface

Live app preview within the software to test out app before exporting to a smart phone.

For more information see: http://www.invisionapp.com/tethr

Global Emergency Overview App

Really interesting quick thoughts from Lars Peter Nissen about responding to Humanitarian emergencies. His thought tie in really well with my previous research and thinking of VITAL5.

The Global Emergency Overview app is updated weekly which provides a snapshot of the highest priority humanitarian events currently happening in the world. The Android app store describes the app "The primary objective of the Global Overview is to inform humanitarian decision makers by presenting a summary of major humanitarian crises, both recent and protracted. It is designed to provide answers to four questions:

1. Which humanitarian crises currently exist? (World map) 
2. What has happened in the last seven days? (Highlights and snapshot)
3. What is the situation in the country affected by a crisis? (Narrative)
4. Which countries could be prioritised in terms of humanitarian response? (Prioritisation)".

The extremely user friendly and intuitive app is used by many aid agencies and volunteers throughout the world.

Apps for Communities

Really great foundation which encourages developers to create software systems which help in the community. You can volunteer to test the apps or put forward a concept to receive funding. Really great group with some interesting projects on the go.

University installs prototype 'Pee Power' toilet

Thanks for this article Toby heheh!  Very impressive stuff!

"The technology uses microbes which feed on urine for their own growth and maintenance. The MFC is in effect a system which taps a portion of that biochemical energy used for microbial growth, and converts that directly into electricity - what we are calling urine-tricity or pee power. This technology is about as green as it gets, as we do not need to utilise fossil fuels and we are effectively using a waste product that will be in plentiful supply." (2015 Smithers, The Guardian) 

Full Article:

Qualitative data gathering

Asking a combination of quantative and qualitative questions can often produce a more thorough understanding from questionnaire. Here are some ideas for possible qualitative question areas in a crisis.


What sort of things could a smart phone app find out from those on the ground? Perhaps an app could focus on the basics or the vital signs which humans need to survive. 

Quantative Data

What fast, relevant information could a government or organisation gather from a population which could help respond to a crisis most effectively. Here are few vital areas where Quantative information could be quickly and easily sent via text or voice calls. I gathered these ideas and thoughts from my previous research from the Red Cross in Haiti and Somalia. This data was gathered in both case studies with the use of mobile phones, even in remote areas where power and cellular coverage was limited.

Why use mobile phone technology?

For my own benefit I wanted to really get my head around the benefits of mobile phone technology during a crisis. Could a mobile really help? What could be communicated? What is the advantage of this technology. I thought of possible essential information which could be communicated through a mobile phone during an emergency.

The idea of designing a concept for an app for mobile phones is becoming very interesting and I am very keen to push this area further. The above picture shows lots of possible areas of development. I think choosing a few to incorporate into a simple easy to understand app could be a way forward. Its better to do something well, than lots of things poorly. I aim to find out what the 'vital necessities' are for a person during a crisis..